9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Seeking employers to hire 500 young people

Summer Hiring Opportunities

Is your organization seeking individuals to fill summer positions? Maybe, your company wants to expand it’ full-time staff. 500 jobs might be the perfection solution.  Support 500 Jobs, the Chief’s Summer Youth Employment Initiative by employing young people this summer. Police Chief Brian James and his partners are seeking 500 jobs for young people this summer. 

The Chief’s 500 Jobs Initiative prepares potential candidates for employment with your company through workforce readiness and soft skills training. SIGN UP NOW  and let us know how many summer jobs your organization can offer.

Youth Employment Initiative


Fill your talent gap with a young adults ready to learn from practical work experience! Provide young adults, (14-21) with 6 weeks  of paid employment. We provide workforce development and soft skills training.